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How do you want to feel?

March 13, 2019
Do you have any clue how you want to FEEL?
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Mental problems are more difficult to see (but they're there)

March 11, 2019
When someone can't do a thing because of a mental problem, that's not easy to see.
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Zooming out

March 10, 2019
When one problem consumes you, take a look at what problems you faced a few years ago.
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The sound of your own voice

March 9, 2019
When I listen to a recording of my own voice, I hate it.
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Everyday gratitude

March 8, 2019
Why do I like that there is a highway next to my apartment?
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Why it's so hard for me to decide when to listen to a podcast

March 7, 2019
I love podcasts, but struggle to give them my full attention.
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The number one thing I gained from creating content every day

March 6, 2019
I've learned many things, but one stands out.
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Lower your inhibitions by working late at night

March 4, 2019
Working late at night is like working when you're a little tipsy. It makes tough decisions easier.
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Find focus by closing open loops

March 3, 2019
Focus, and its opposite, overwhelm, are mental states with mental solutions.
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Are you an introvert?

March 2, 2019
Do you get energy from being around people, or does it cost you energy?
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How to ask someone to recommend you or your work

February 28, 2019
Need a recommendation? Ask these six specific questions.
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People will like you better if you're authentic

February 27, 2019
Just be you. It feels better and people will you like better.
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Mix up how you work

February 26, 2019
Wish you were more productive? Mix things up!
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Accepting a new reality

February 25, 2019
Can you quickly accept a changing reality, or do you resist?
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Planning your day with OmniFocus 3 (my favorite new feature)

February 25, 2019
Know exactly what to work on today using this new OmniFocus 3 feature.
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Admitting that you screwed up

February 24, 2019
Vulnerability is a positive trait.
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You cannot measure success without defining a goal

February 23, 2019
Not sure you're doing the right thing? Don't know whether you're succeeding? That probably means you're not clear enough on your goal.
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Good stress vs. bad stress

February 22, 2019
Stress can be positive or negative. When you feel stress, do you know which variety it is?
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The smallest possible step forward

February 21, 2019
For years, I didn't take action on become a better public speaker—it seemed too daunting. Then I took one small step and the ball got rolling.
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Meeting a famous climber

February 20, 2019
When you meet a famous person, talk about THEM. Or really, anytime you want anyone's attention, talk about THEM.
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Big rocks first

February 19, 2019
Don't let trivial tasks or other people dictate your agenda.
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Instant replay

February 18, 2019
I love instant replay in video games. If only it were available in real life, too.
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Show, rather than tell

February 17, 2019
Trying to convince someone that you're a great fit for the job or that you'd be a lovely person to date? Show them, rather than telling them.
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Be more valuable by using more of your skills

February 16, 2019
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Free up 75% of your day by working like this

February 15, 2019
You could probably finish your "day's work" in one to two hours, if only you worked with focus like I describe here.
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