productivity & organization courses


I offer five (paid) self-paced video courses. They each consists of video lessons and supplemental materials. When you enroll, you get instant access and each course comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

  1. In Organize Your Life With Things 3, you’ll learn a simple yet effective workflow that you can trust to become more organized and more productive. We’ll work with the to-do app Things 3.
  2. In Organize Your Life With Todoist, you’ll learn the same, but with the to-do app Todoist instead.
  3. In Get Stuff Done With OmniFocus 3, you’ll again learn the same, but we’ll work with the to-do app OmniFocus instead.
  4. In Organize Your Life With Apple Notes, you’ll learn all about the powerful features of the Notes app and you’ll learn a method for keeping your notes organized.
  5. In Big-Picture Productivity, you’ll learn a system for making consistent progress on your long-term goals.

The task management courses takes most people a couple of afternoons to complete. The Apple Notes course takes most people an afternoon or two. Big-Picture Productivity is full of reflection and planning and takes longer to work through.

Course Bundles

You can purchase some of my self-paced video courses together for a discount:

  1. Bundle: Things 3 course + Apple Notes course (20% off)
  2. Bundle: OmniFocus 3 course + Apple Notes course (20% off)
  3. Bundle: Todoist course + Apple Notes course (20% off)
  4. Bundle: Things 3 course + Big-Picture Productivity (20% off)
  5. Bundle: OmniFocus 3 course + Big-Picture Productivity (20% off)
  6. Bundle: Todoist course + Big-Picture Productivity (20% off)
  7. Bundle: “The Works”, including all of the above courses (53% off)

The bundles include the regular edition of each course.

LIVE COURSE: Organize Your Life

Once or twice a year, I run a four-week live course called Organize Your Life. In this course, we get our to-dos and notes in order, we take action on our big goals, we build systems we can rely on, and we create processes for staying on track amidst all of our responsibilities and obligations.

See you soon!

You can read what people say about my courses on each course’s page. To get a taste of what my teaching style is like, if you haven’t already, check out my YouTube channel.

Hope to see you in one of the courses soon.

— Peter