Addition by subtraction

February 20, 2022

It’s temping to think that to achieve our goals, we need more.

More work hours. More apps. More coaching. More learning. More discipline.

But sometimes, the way forward is less, not more.

Less pushing. Less work. Fewer apps. Fewer obligations. Fewer people in our daily lives.

That last one is particularly powerful. Connecting with the wrong people holds us back.

I’m a little ruthless sometimes. Being ruthless might sound negative, but under the right circumstances, it is a powerful accelerant.

When someone is a jerk to me, I ruthlessly eject them from my reality. I only have so many years to live. I won’t get a do-over. Spending time with people who aren’t fully supportive of my dreams wastes my time.

What, or who, could you eject from your life to make forward progress?

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