The best of the best

September 19, 2021

You might know that I’m a Formula 1 enthusiast. Specifically, I’m a fan of the Dutch driver Max Verstappen and of the entire Red Bull Racing team.

If you’re not familiar with Formula 1, let me just tell you a bit about Max Verstappen. He’s 23 now, but he entered Formula 1 as the youngest driver ever at age 17. The racing authorities literally changed the rules after he entered to set a minimum age of 18.

From his first-ever race, Max has been sensational. He became the youngest-ever driver to score points in a Grand Prix, the youngest-ever driver to win a race, and he is now a veteran even though drivers routinely drive at a high level until they’re 40. On top of that, Max has absolutely obliterated each of his five different teammates, being significantly faster in the same car.

lmost everyone agrees that it’s just a matter of time until Max wins the Formula 1 World Championship—in fact he’s leading the title race this very season.

So, what does Max do in his spare time? You might think he spends every waking hour improving his craft, studying his opponents and preparing for upcoming races. And of course he spends many hours a week doing exactly that. He also does plenty of e-racing, which must keep his actual racing skills sharp.

But Max also just loves his PlayStation.

Two weekends ago, Formula 1 raced at the Dutch Grand Prix. It was Max’s home race and there were plenty of Dutch celebrities around. Even the King of The Netherlands made an appearance. (Fun fact: I received my high school scholarship personally from the King many years ago. Different story though…) There were famous Dutch artists, singers, a DJ—so who did Max choose to spend his time with?

His PlayStation.

High performance, even world-class performance, doesn’t mean you need to be “on” all the time. If you want to be the best, there will be some grinding. But even the best of the best take plenty of breaks. It’s almost as if taking breaks is, in fact, necessary for high performance. Who would have thunk it…

And surely, if the best of the best take plenty of breaks, you can too.

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