Too busy to personally engage with your yoga students one-by-one?

Do you own a yoga studio and…

  • do your trial students not end up taking paid classes?
  • does your head start spiraling when you try to figure out why people are visiting your website and reading your emails—but not signing up for memberships?
  • is it difficult to convince your students to register for your higher-margin workshops, training programs, or retreats?
  • do you hate writing newsletters to your students?
  • do you want to spend less time at your computer and more time sharing your love for yoga with your students?
  • are you way too busy to engage personally with your students?

If you answered “yes” to any of those—read on.

The business of yoga is competitive. There’s a glut of yoga teachers and many cities have dozens of studios. You work hard, you love your yoga practice, and by teaching yoga, you’re doing good—your students become healthier and happier.

When your studio was small, you could send a personal email to a new customer to remind her what to bring to class. You could email her after class to ask for feedback. And when her trial membership was about to run out, you could talk to her after class and suggest a full membership for her to sign up to.

As your studio grows, you don’t have time to engage with your students one by one. But your students still expect a personal touch.

This is where automation comes in.

So… what’s automation?


  • Asking people who visit your website for their email address, so you can send them an (automated!) email that helps them choose their first class
  • Sending a new student an (automated!) email the day before their first class to tell them what to bring
  • Thanking that student for attending their first class—and asking for quick feedback
  • Sending an (automatic!) email to a student to let them know that their trial pass is about to expire—and including a big button that makes it super easy for them to sign up for a membership right there
  • Emailing your 25 most loyal students with a chance for early-bird registration for a workshop or a retreat

In other words, it’s having personal conversations with your students—efficiently.

Hi, I’m Peter. I help yoga studios efficiently turn leads into long-term students

Peter headshotGood automated processes can help you find prospective students (marketing), sell them memberships (sales), and turn them into loyal, long-term customers (customer relationship management).

But it’s not trivial to automate these processes in a way that keeps a personal touch—that treats your students like people rather than numbers.

Perhaps you’ve spent hours struggling with MINDBODY or MailChimp. Maybe you’ve started to play around with automating your communication with your students and you realized you don’t know what you’re doing.

If you want to attract long-term students and continue to offer them a personal touch, but your head is spinning and you don’t know where to start—I can help.

I’ll audit your marketing, sales, and follow-up processes

I’ll put myself in the shoes of a student who is new to your studio. Is it easy for me to figure out how sign up for your class? Do you send me useful information before my first class? And so on.

Then, I’ll write a report for you that lists obstacles students face. The report will tell you what you need to address—and will suggest solutions.

For example, the report will:

  • Analyze whether your website makes it easy for a first-time student to sign up for a class
  • Tell you whether your website effectively encourages people to leave their email address with you so you can follow up with them
  • Explain whether your communication with your students as they move from “interested” to “long-term student” is effective and useful to them—and why (not)
  • Help you clarify what you want your potential students to do when you communicate with them
  • Analyze whether your communication with your students motivates them to take action
  • Go through the must-send emails to your current and prospective students—and show you which emails you’re not sending or can improve on
  • Tell you whether your communication with prospective students conveys what makes your studio different from the other studios out there
  • Help you set specific goals for improvement (for example: increase the percentage of students that sign up for a membership after using a trial pass)
  • Review whether you are collecting the data you need to make informed business decisions

The report will include actionable insights so you can improve your marketing, sales, and follow-up funnel. And if you need help acting on the insights, we can work on that together.

Stop wasting your time writing ineffective newsletters or manually chasing students to encourage them to sign up for a membership. Hire me to evaluate your automated systems and learn how you can spend more time doing what you do best: running your yoga studio.

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