My unproductive summer

September 26, 2021

Confession: I’ve done barely any work for the past three months.


He’s a fraud!

I love breaks. Little breaks throughout the day, medium breaks during your week, and big breaks in the form of long vacations. But even for me, three months of not working is a very long break.

To be sure, I did stuff. I traveled to Bonaire for ten days, to Turkey for over a month, and to London for ten days as well. I went scuba diving, sailing, and hiking. I saw family and friends and I made new friends. I visited ancient cities, natural parks, and the hottest vegan places in town. Oh, and I helped my girlfriend with the legal foundations for her to be able to stay in the country indefinitely and to work on her own business full time.

I barely did any “work” work, though.

(Would you call my summer productive?)

Today I have no earth-shattering insight for you. But I do have an observation:

It was quite pleasant to measure the success of my days by how much I enjoyed them, rather than by how “productive” I was.

Maybe I should stick with this metric… I feel like I’m onto something.

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