How to make your work flow

March 13, 2022

Lately, I’ve been focused on creating quality YouTube videos that lots of folks will appreciate. I enjoy teaching through courses, but I love the huge audience that I can reach on YouTube.

Sometimes, creating a video for YouTube feels odious. I get distracted, I doubt the video will be any good, and I get stressed while recording. Other times, I create a video with flow and focus while having fun. What’s the difference?

It isn’t the subject of the video, on which side of the bed I got up, or whether other people are trying to get my attention with messages or emails.

Instead, producing a new video feels fun when I treat it like a game.

I’ve always loved playing analog as well as digital games. I am competitive and like to win. Games motivate me. When I treat YouTube like a game, I might think the following:

  • Other, more successful YouTubers are high-ranking players
  • To improve, I must learn from high-ranking players
  • To improve, I must compete with high-ranking players
  • To improve, I must take risks and do things differently than last time
  • To improve, I must do research on which strategies work
  • To improve, I must be ruthless in identifying my own mistakes
  • To improve, I must get feedback from other players
  • I can focus on improving one aspect of my skills at a time
  • There are trophies (like the YouTube Creator Awards)

And so on. This is why I now spend a lot of time watching others’ YouTube videos. It’s fun and it helps me produce better videos myself.

When I’m in this mood, it doesn’t feel like work to produce a video. It feels like playing a game, which is the most natural thing in the world for me.

If you love playing games too, and you sometimes struggle to do your work, can you turn your work into a game?

Think about:

  • Who are your competitors?
  • What are the win conditions?
  • What are the rules of the game?
  • What skills are involved?
  • Which skills do you need to level up?
  • How can you get feedback on your performance?

Let me know how it goes…

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