The “Not Much” List

August 27, 2023

If all of your negative friends and relatives suddenly turned positive, how much would that change your life?

Not much.

If inflation slowed down a bit, what would that do for your prospects?

Not much.

If circumstances change a little, what’ll that do for your future?

Not much.

A better economy? Not much. Better weather? Not much. A better boss? Not much!

You can go right down the list.

Most people spend their entire lives waiting for these things to change. With their fingers crossed, they’re waiting to see a big difference from things that don’t matter much.

And that’s why ten years from now they’ll be living where they don’t want to live. Having what they don’t want to have. Doing what they don’t want to do. And becoming what they didn’t want to become. All because they’re counting on something that won’t count for much.

Don’t be one of those people.

Don’t count on the “not much” list.

Count on yourself.

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