Three-month Private coaching

Does this ring a bell?

If so, my 1:1 coaching program might be just what you need.

What if we could:

That’s what my coaching program is designed to do.

Benefits of private coaching

If you enroll in my private coaching program, you might experience benefits such as:

Who my coaching program is for

The focus of the coaching program is for you to achieve your goals. But you’ll get the best results out of any coaching program when you and your coach’s values align. That means some people are a better fit for my coaching program than others. 

You might be a good fit for my coaching program if:

The structure of the coaching program

The coaching program runs for a minimum of three months. Achieving your big goals takes time.

There are two key components to the program: (1) regular calls and (2) ongoing communication in between calls. That makes this an intense coaching program—not just one where we chat on the phone every now and then just to repeat the same discussions.

We’ll kick off with a 90-minute video call to get to know each other and to start clarifying your goals. After that, we’ll have two more 45-minute calls in the first month and then three 45-minute calls per month in each subsequent month.

In between calls, you’ll have unlimited access to me through Signal. And I expect you to use your unlimited access! On Signal, you’ll be able to text me or send me voice messages. I will reply within 24 hours, but usually much faster. (Occasionally, I might be traveling and have a longer response time, but I’ll make sure to communicate that to you well ahead of time.)

This unlimited access is not just for emergencies. It’s a core part of the program. When you run into an issue, text me or send me a voice message. Not sure how to handle a situation at work? Losing motivation to work on an action step for your goals that we identified? Contact me and we’ll discuss what to do.

Progress comes from combining theory and action. The communication in between calls exists to help you apply what we discussed, without having to wait for our next scheduled call.

After our first (video) call, we’ll generally have audio-only calls. However, if you specifically want us to look at something together, we can make one of our regular calls a video call. Of course, you have unlimited access to me, so you might prefer to send me things to look at outside of calls, rather than spending our coaching call time on me reviewing materials.

In between calls, if necessary, I will give you a specific set of tasks to complete. We might particularly do this in the beginning of the coaching program. Some examples of tasks:

If our discovery call is positive, and you’ve paid the coaching fee, I’ll send you booking links to schedule our kickoff call and subsequent calls. Note that I live in Amsterdam and am therefore on Central European Time (CET). I’m generally available for coaching calls between 11 a.m. and 10 p.m. CET.

The price of the program

The program costs €1,300 per month, excluding 21% value-added tax (VAT). For each three months you pay up front, you get a €500 discount, in which case the total is €3,400 for three months, excluding 21% VAT.

I am required to charge the 21% VAT to:

That means that, if your business is paying for the coaching, I will not charge you the 21% VAT (unless it’s a Dutch business). If you personally pay for the coaching, I will have to charge you the 21% VAT.

Whether you pay monthly or per three months, I require payment in advance. I accept credit card payments or bank transfers.

If you’re not happy with our kickoff call, you can ask for your money back within 24 hours. After that, there are no refunds.

I do not offer any discounts.


How to apply for the coaching program

The application process is as follows:

  1. You fill out the survey that appears when you press the “apply now” button below.
  2. I review your answers and judge whether we’re likely to be a good fit for each other.
  3. If I believe we might be a good fit, I’ll send you a link to book a free discovery call.
  4. If we both feel positive after our discovery call, I’ll send you payment instructions.
  5. You pay the coaching fee.
  6. I send you booking links to pick a time on my calendar for the kickoff call and for subsequent calls.
I am currently not taking new clients