The perfect time to build a new habit

March 14, 2020

With the spread of coronavirus, your daily routine might be very different. That makes this an excellent time to build a new habit.

Normally, I tell people that my #1 habit recommendation is to use a task manager. But since you’re here, I don’t need to convince you of that. So let me urge you to build a different habit.

Many of you say:

If that sounds like you, then meditate.

Upgrade your mind, rather than your apps.

Meditation is taking a productive break. Meditation is practicing focus. Meditation invites creative solutions to problems to come to you.

Download 10% Happier right now. There’s a free trial. No woo-woo. Lesson one of the “basics” course is just five minutes.

This uncertain time is an opportunity to build a new habit. Start meditating a few minutes a day. It’ll help you more than tweaking your task manager.

Trust me.