The number one thing I gained from creating content every day

March 6, 2019

As you're probably well aware, reader, I've created a piece of content every single day since April 7, 2018.

Most days it's been a blog post, but lately I've been shooting lots of videos too.

Many things happened for me as a result of doing this for almost a year now. But one thing sticks out:

I have very little resistance anymore towards writing or shooting a video.

Put differently: I have become detached from how people (like you!) receive my content. Would I love it if you loved every single piece of mine? Of course! But do I get discouraged if most of you don't? No, I don't get discouraged any longer.

That doesn't mean that I'm super happy with the posts I'm writing and videos I'm shooting. Some days, I think what I have to say is lame, repetitive, boring, irrelevant... and I am sure some of the pieces of content are those things.

That's why I'm really excited to start creating longer-form content, less frequently, after I finish my 365 days of daily content.

But I would still recommend that anyone who has resistance towards creating content do it every single day for a while. Oh, I don't know, perhaps with my 30-Day Creator Challenge? 😉

No, seriously, if you have resistance towards anything, that resistance will disappear rapidly if you do that thing often enough.

Want to exercise, in theory, but never feel like it in the moment? Start by exercising five minutes a day, every day, and you'll likely build a durable habit.

Anyway, wanted to share that with you today. Thank you for sticking with me as I'm nearing the end of the daily material. I'll let you know later what longer-form content I'll be creating starting in April.


— Peter

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