The Missing Ingredient

September 18, 2022

If you’re not as productive as you’d like to be, why is that?

For some, the missing ingredient is a lack of organization. They have the vision, the drive, and the creativity, but they get sidetracked. They don’t focus. They don’t have a system to prevent important things from slipping through the cracks. I love people with this problem, because they make great students. ❤️ 😉

For others, the problem is a lack of goals. They’re not sure what to achieve, so they can’t even measure productivity. The whole conversation is moot.

Yet others struggle with their health. Some health problems can’t be fixed, but others can at least be ameliorated. Sometimes the way to be more productive has nothing to do with apps or time management, but everything to do with how much you move your body or how well you’re taking care of your mind.

Over time, you might belong to one or more of these groups. Or your missing ingredient may be something I didn’t mention. Either way, knowing which ingredient is currently missing from your productivity recipe helps you figure out what to do.

And look, everyone struggles with productivity sometimes, including productivity teachers like yours truly.

In fact, I’ve been forgetting to add a pretty important ingredient to my own productivity recipe recently. I just published a video all about that. Maybe you’d like to watch it. If you do, enjoy!

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