The sound of your own voice

March 9, 2019

Don't you hate the sound of your own voice?

When you hear it on a recording, that is. And don't you hate watching yourself on video?

I do. From my own perspective, I sound fine and I look fine. I'm sure others also think I sound and look fine. But when I listen to or watching a recording of myself, it's jarring.

See, on a recording, I don't sound the way that I sound to myself. And, when I watch a video of myself, I move very differently from how I imagine that I move.

Part of the reason that I'm now a member of a Toastmasters club is to improve how much I like how I sound and how I look.

I suppose it's a good motivator, listening to or watching a recording of myself. But it sure takes some getting used to.


— Peter