New Course: Organize Your Life with Todoist

June 10, 2023

It’s no secret that I am a fan of task managers.

Or to-do list apps, if you prefer.

In fact, I believe that if you care about your productivity so you can show up as your best self, you must use a task manager.

But there are lots of task managers out there. Some are better than others. Which one should you use?

If you’re happily using a task manager and everything is perfect on the productivity front, this does not apply to you. Thanks for reading—see you next time!

However, chances are that not everything is perfect on the productivity front. Perhaps you’re drowning in a sea of to-dos. Perhaps your responsibilities and projects feel overwhelming. Perhaps you’re no longer using a task manager at all.

Or maybe you just simply aren’t happy with the to-do app you’re using right now.

If any of those sound about right, I have something for you. It’s my newest course:

Organize Your Life with Todoist

It’s a self-paced video course and it’s available today! But before I tell you more about what the course can do for you, let me tell you why I chose to make a Todoist course.

Back in 2019, I started my business by creating a course teaching people how to get stuff done with a different task manager, OmniFocus. That’s the app I’d been using for years to organize my own life and I wanted to share what I knew with people. The course was very successful; it helped so many people get on top of their to-dos.

I soon realized, though, that OmniFocus isn’t the right to-do app for most people. While some love its endless customization features—hi Ralph!—for most people, setting up OmniFocus is a source of procrastination and the app is just too cumbersome to use.

Later that year, I created a second course. Same concept: get stuff done and organize your life—this time with Things 3, a fabulous task manager. Things has the enormous advantage of looking pretty and being super easy to use, which means that it appeals to people new to task management. It also makes it much likelier that people will stick with it.

I was happy teaching people how to use OmniFocus and Things, but over the years, people kept asking me about Todoist. They said they didn’t use (only) Apple devices, so they couldn’t use OmniFocus or Things. They said a friend or coworker uses Todoist. They saw some awesome Todoist extensions and integrations.

I would reply, “oh yeah, I know about Todoist—but why don’t you check out these other apps?” Until I realized that for many, many people, Todoist is the best choice.

There’s a few reasons for this:

  • Todoist is available on all platforms (unlike OmniFocus and Things)
  • Todoist has a (limited) free version, so it’s easy to try out
  • Todoist has natural language recognition, so adding to-dos is super easy and quick
  • Todoist supports location-based reminders, which are a great way to remember to do things
  • Todoist is rapidly developing, adding useful new features all the time
  • You can collaborate in Todoist (more on that in a sec)

And most importantly, Todoist is just easy to get started with.

However, those same people who tried out Todoist also came back to me to ask, “Peter, how should I set Todoist up?” See, while Todoist is easy to get started with, it’s also very customizable, so it’s not straightforward to master. And that’s where my new course comes in!

If you…

  • feel overwhelmed
  • need to organize your to-dos and projects
  • find things slipping through the cracks
  • are unhappy with your current task manager, or
  • have tried Todoist but haven’t stuck with it…

then I highly recommend enrolling in the course!

The course consists of five modules:

  1. Capturing your to-dos
  2. Organizing your to-dos
  3. Planning today & planning ahead
  4. Integrating Todoist into your workflows
  5. Using Todoist as efficiently as possible

And I have two more course modules in the works: one that will serve as inspiration for using Todoist creatively and another on collaborating using Todoist. The collaboration feature in Todoist will be changing dramatically soon, so I’ll record that module and make it available once the new collaboration features have rolled out, so you’re not learning something that will be outdated almost immediately.

When you enroll in the course, you’ll also get a Todoist cheat sheet, which you’ll find useful as you master Todoist’s natural language recognition and custom views (“filters”).

Speaking of mastering Todoist: as always with my courses, it’s not just—actually, not even primarily—about learning how to use the app. More importantly, it’s about using the app to make big positive changes in your life. That’s why you’ll learn workflows and a system, not just where the buttons are.

Of course, the course also comes with personal support from me, so if you get stuck at any time, you can just leave a comment or email me and I’ll get back to you within a few days.

So I encourage you to enroll in the course today. Learn the Todoist system. You’ll be more organized, you’ll get more done, and you’ll feel less overwhelmed. Just close your eyes and picture how nice that would be… then click the link below to take action.

Enroll in Organize Your Life with Todoist today.

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