You can make extra money with an online course (plus 7 course topic ideas)

March 17, 2019

I'm working on my first-ever online course. And I'm fucking pumped about it!

My working title for the course is How to Set Up and Use OmniFocus 3 to Get Stuff Done.

Why am I creating an online course?

I'd like to make some extra money. And I'm very good at teaching people how to use OmniFocus. So I figured: let's monetize that skill!

You can create an online course too. It's really easy and you can make some nice extra money.

But you might be thinking: "What do I know that I can teach people?" Well, here's some inspiration:

Here's how you create your first course:

  1. Sign up for a two-week free trial with Podia, the best online course platform. (If you dig into it, two weeks is enough time to create a short online course!)
  2. Write a sales page that explains the one key thing people will walk away with after taking your course.
  3. Share your sales page on social media.
  4. Add your course content with Podia's visual editor. (You can simply type your lessons or shoot and upload videos. You can also add quizzes or files. Super easy.)
  5. Price your course—maybe around $50 for a starter course.
  6. Publish your course with one click.
  7. Promote your course on social media.
  8. Make money! 🤑 💰

Keep your first course short, simple, and focused. Sell it, learn from it, and repeat.

What do you have to lose? Seriously, sign up with Podia now.


— Peter

P.S. If what you have to lose is Netflix time, or beer-drinking-with-friends time, then what are you waiting for?!

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