Lower your inhibitions by working late at night

March 4, 2019

If you find it difficult to complete a certain task because you're in your head too much, try working on it late at night.

Typically, you'll feel more tired late at night. And being a little tired lowers your inhibitions, so you have fewer thoughts stopping you from taking action. It's like being a bit tipsy.

During the day, you might think, "what if I screw this up?" But at night, you instead think, "who cares? I'm doing my best".

Next time you have an email you're dreading to send, a decision you don't want to make, or a conflict you don't want to address—do it at night. It's a lot easier.

Alternatively, you could lower your inhibitions by having a drink, but it's a bad idea to develop a habit of needing alcohol to do your work...


— Peter