Is escaping from your problems a bad idea?

March 20, 2019

We can think of a life as a never-ending series of problems for us to solve. How do you like to handle these inevitable problems?

Roughly speaking, I see three ways to deal with problems:

First, you could ignore your problems. I try not to.

Second, you could escape from them. Some ways I do this include visiting the sauna, reading before sleeping, watching a TV series, or playing a video game on my tablet. When you choose to escape, you deliberately distract yourself. You fill your head with something else than your problems.

Third, you could meet your problems head-on. Some ways I do this include meditating, going for walks, thinking while I ride my bike, and talking to friends or family about the problem.

Sometimes people suggest that I meet all problems head-on, rather than escaping. But as far as I can tell, temporarily escaping from your problems, in a limited way, can help me stay relaxed and relatively stress-free.

Maybe I'm wrong, though. Maybe the key to happiness is acknowledging and addressing all problems, without any running away. What do you think?


— Peter

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