Tools I recommend

Safeguard your privacy a DNS resolver that lets you browse without your ISP being able to track which websites you visit.

1Password: my password manager of choice. I’ve written about the importance of using a password manager.

Ghostery: a blocker for your browser that prevents websites from tracking you. It makes it super easy to allow or restrict certain types of tracking, depending on what you’re comfortable with.

Tunnelbear: when you’re working from a coffee shop, it’s good practice to secure your connection with a VPN. Tunnelbear is super easy to use and is beary full of puns.

Work more efficiently

Basecamp: awesome project management software for teams. The founders run a thoughtful blog on productivity.

Calendly: for scheduling meetings. Just connect it to your calendar and people can schedule a meeting with you when you’re available.

ConvertKit: easy-to-use, reliable email marketing. Allows you to target your emails much better than MailChimp.

Fantastical: much better than Apple’s Calendar apps.

MindNode: mindmapping app for Apple devices. A great way to get your thoughts on “paper” before you start working on a project.

OmniFocus: sophisticated task management software. Check out my guide.

PDF Expert: tired of the slow Adobe Reader, but need a few more features than macOS’s Preview? Use PDF Expert: it’s blazing fast and it’s chock full of features that will save you time.

Podia: An all-in-one solution for selling online courses, digital products, and memberships. Great for getting your (paid) content out there without hassles. 

Scanbot: an app to scan your paper documents to PDFs. I use to digitize any important snail mail I still receive.


10% Happier: my favorite app to get started with mindfulness meditation.

Blue Yeti microphone: amazing microphone that will make you sound better than using your phone’s or your earphones’ microphone.

Fizzle: Want to make a living online? The Fizzle community will teach you how!

Please note: some of these are affiliate links, which means that if you buy a product or service, I may be compensated a bit. I only recommend services that I love, though!