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Hi! I’m Peter and I teach people how to stay on top of their day-to-day tasks while also achieving their long-term goals.

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What I care about

Do these values resonate with you?

Personal growth. In my view, happiness comes from striving towards being better and living more consciously.

Fun. This is it: your one life. You are not in a dress rehearsal for some future life. So have fun while you’re here!

Autonomy. You—not your boss, not your clients—should be in charge of how you spend your time.

Competence. Being good at things gives you a sense of purpose and makes you feel proud of yourself.

Authenticity. Being real feels good. And life is a lot less stressful when you aren’t trying to fake it until you “make it”.

Taking care of the planet. We only have one planet and we’re not treating it right. We can do better. (This is why I’m vegan.)

Animal rights. We share the planet with lots of animals who feel things, who are key parts of ecosystems we rely on, and who are simply beautiful to look at. Let’s leave them be. (This is why I’m vegan.)

Fairness. Everyone should have an equal opportunity to pursue happiness.

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Big-Picture Productivity

Self-paced video course
Prioritize and act on your long-term goals.
A screenshot of a video of Peter’s course Big-Picture Productivity, showing a slide about action steps and Peter smiling in a picture-in-picture.

Organize Your Life with Things 3

Self-paced video course
Learn a Things 3 workflow you can trust.
A screenshot from a video from Peter’s course Organize Your Life with Things 3. Peter is demonstrating how to make a todo repeat.

Get Stuff Done with OmniFocus 3

Self-paced video course
Learn an OmniFocus system you can rely on.
A screenshot from Peter’s course Get Stuff Done with OmniFocus 3. Peter is demonstrating, in OmniFocus, how to apply a “next” tag.