Your unique challenges

Imagine your life is a video game. On what difficulty level are you playing it?

For example, I’m a straight, white guy from a rich country, with awesome parents and a great education. So I’m playing the “game of life” on easy mode!

Your situation might be quite different and it might present unique challenges.

This matters when you take advice from others, including from me. Take advice with a grain of salt, especially when the advice is presented without context.

That said, usually others have already faced the problem that you face—and have solved it. It’s a matter of finding people who had the same problem that you do, in a similar context as yours.

For instance, if you’re working a corporate job that requires you to be available all the time and where the pressure is high, and you demand a lot from yourself on top of that, then I can probably help you. I’ve been there and I’ve helped others in that situation, too.

What do you see as your unique challenges?


— Peter

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