What’s your mission? (Here’s mine)

Maybe there is something that fires you up. A topic that, when the conversation turns to it, really gets you going.

Is there something like that for you?

For me, it’s how to do good work in a healthy way. If this subject comes up, I can’t stop myself from sharing my thoughts and my experience.

If you have something like this too, can you be quite precise about what it is? It’s handy to be able to identify and articulate what you really care about. It adds to your identity and it gives you something to talk about when you meet people.

It helps to formulate what you care about in terms of a mission statement. Think big. This isn’t easy to do, but it helps people understand you better. Here’s my best shot at what I care about:

My mission is to make it possible for anyone to make a living doing something they care about—without burning out.

As you can see, I might be able to sharpen the formulation. 😉But you get the point, no?

What do you care about? If you could make something big happen, especially for others, what would it be?

Please share your thing, even if it’s vague.


— Peter

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