You don’t need to accept a job that’s bad for you

Some jobs are crappy. Whether they’re crappy in general or just a bad fit for you doesn’t matter.

Maybe the hours are bad or the boss is horrible or the commute from your home is way too long. It doesn’t matter. If the job isn’t a good fit for you, then it isn’t.

Now, if your job is bad for you, how do you find a better one?

By both accepting the current situation and not accepting it.

See, I lied in the title of this article. If your job isn’t great, you do have to accept that. But at the same time you don’t.

You have to accept that your current job is bad for you. That’s step one. You can read “acknowledge” instead of “accept here”, if you like. Don’t use excuses like “yes, I work most weekends, but that’s normal in my industry” or “the job will probably get less stressful with time” to allow this harmful situation to continue. If your job is bad for you, be honest with yourself about that.

Next, don’t accept the current situation. Don’t resign yourself to it. For all practical purposes, there is an infinite number of jobs in the world, including many jobs that would be much better for you. If your job is stressful, do not tell yourself that all jobs are stressful. There are so many jobs out there, of such a huge variety, that there will be a job out there that’s better for you.

You don’t have to go crazy with this. You don’t have to always be looking for a better job, never being satisfied with the one you have. (Well, if you feel that way, become an entrepreneur! 😉)

And, of course, switching jobs might take some time and energy. Then again, it might also be easier than you think.

Either way, don’t accept a job that’s bad for you. Your health, your sanity, and your happiness are more important than money.


— Peter

P.S. The best thing you can do to prevent yourself from being locked into a job that’s bad for you is to become financially independent.

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