Work vs. friendships

What sorts of people do you want to meet?

People who love to be outdoors? Entrepreneurs? People who like to cook? Politically active people?

If you know the answer: Does your work help you meet such people? At the very least, could you meet them, given your work schedule and location?

It’s great to be offered an interesting job that pays well and has “opportunities for career advancement”. But if a job like that prevents you from having the social life you desire, should you really take it?

Where you work, how you work, and who you work with have a huge effect on your friendships.

In college, you continually meet new people. You don’t have to think very hard about how taking a certain class or doing a certain major would affect your social life.

But when you work full time, it isn’t as easy to make new friends. So you might consider what type of work would fit the social life you want.

If your current job does not align with your desired social life, what can you change to make it easier to meet the people you want to meet?


— Peter

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