“My work isn’t challenging me anymore”

When you first started working, you were the young one. Maybe you even started as an intern and your main task was taking notes during meetings.

Soon, you got hired as a full time employee. You learned from others and gained experience. After some time, you were no longer the newbie. You became the teacher.

Teaching others was fun for a while. But now, there isn’t much left for you to learn. Even passing on your knowledge to others is routine now.

You are knowledgeable. You are skilled. But you aren’t learning much anymore. Sure, you can always improve and there will always be some challenges, but your growth feels stagnant. There isn’t any more room to grow within the company or perhaps even in your industry.

What do you do?

If you’re itching for new challenges, I strongly encourage you to start your own business.

Especially if you’ve always had a boss, running your own business will expose you to lots of new challenges, from learning to talk about what you do to pricing to writing contracts. Starting a business is like Personal Development 101.

What do you think of starting your own business? Does it seem like a fun new challenge? Or do you want a new challenge, but do you think starting a business is not for you?


— Peter

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