Unmotivated? Here’s why (probably)

Some days, it’s hard to get yourself to do your work. Other days, you effortlessly crush your tasks.


Motivation does not rain from the sky like manna. It’s mostly a function of a handful of variables:

  • How well did you sleep?
  • Have you eaten healthy food recently?
  • How much have you moved your body today?
  • Does your physical environment lend itself to getting stuff done?

If you’re having trouble motivating yourself, you could look for complex reasons why. Maybe you need more meaningful work. Maybe you need the pressure of an imminent deadline. Maybe you are just a lazy bum.

Those things might be true. Okay, not the bit about being a lazy bum.

Most of the time, you simply didn’t get the basics right.

Rather than wasting time, improve the fundamentals: take a nap, eat a salad, or go for a walk. Then try again.

If you get the basics right, motivation will usually follow.


— Peter

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