Why use Getting Things Done?

Want to feel more in control? Want to work more efficiently?

A great way to make this happen is to use the Getting Things Done (GTD) method. I’ll be hosting a webinar next week to teach you how to get started with it. In the meantime, I’d like to explain how GTD can help you.

The Getting Things Done system helps you keep track of everything you want to do. It also has you periodically reviewing all of your projects. The result is that you’ll usually know exactly what to work on next and that is why this system helps you get stuff done.

But GTD doesn’t only help you get stuff done; it also gives you a sense of control over your work.

In other words: you’ll feel better if you use GTD.

When there are lots of things you want to do, you may feel overwhelmed or stressed. You may suffer from analysis paralysis. Or you might not realize which tasks you should work on first, so you end up working inefficiently. And that can tire you out.

GTD helps you avoid the doubt, the overwhelm, and the stress.

It’s hard to beat a system that helps you get stuff done and that makes you feel better, too. So if you like the sound of this, register for my webinar, “Get Started with Getting Things Done”. See you there next week!


— Peter

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