Question: why do you fail?

Please answer this question for me:

When you set an intention to do something, and you don’t do it, why is that?

Or, when you start doing it enthusiastically, but you soon stop, why is that?

For example, people are doing my 30-Day Creator Challenge, building the habit of creating content for their businesses regularly. Some people create content day after day after day and are really successful. But others fall off the radar. Suddenly, I simply don’t hear from them again.

Another example is that I challenged some friends to meditate daily. I’ve been meditating daily for a while and it has been really positive for me, so I invited others to join the 10% Happier meditation challenge. Some people are initially enthusiastic, but then stop meditating completely. Why?

Of course, with it being January, lots of people have New Year’s resolutions too. They plan to attend yoga classes regularly, they plan to stop eating junk food, they plan call their mom every week, etc.

But invariably, a large percentage of people don’t stick with their intentions, don’t meet their goals, or just give up.

My question is: why?

Of course, you can only speak for yourself.

So, when you intend to do something, and you don’t, why is that? Is it maybe…

  • … that it turned out not to be a priority for you?
  • … that you consider yourself not disciplined enough?
  • … that you forgot about it?
  • … that it proved to be more difficult than you expected?
  • … that you simply stopped caring?

Let me know—I want to gain some more insight into human psychology.


— Peter

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