What does productivity look like?

You want to be productive. I want to help you be productive. But what does “being productive” look like?

Here are some ways you could measure your productivity:

  • Hours worked
  • Revenue earned
  • Monthly salary
  • Promotions received
  • Number of proposals sent to clients
  • Number of meetings held
  • Lines of code written
  • Frequency of positive feedback from coworkers
  • Number of tasks checked off of your to-do lists
  • Number of projects completed
  • Number of words written
  • Lines of sheet music composed
  • Number of eggplants sold 🍆🍆🍆

Some of these might strike you as silly, but I can make a case for each of them.

If you’re a writer, the number of words you write matters. The quality of the words matters too, but many writers will tell you they’d prefer to write 1000 crappy words to writing zero good ones.

Number of meetings held? In some projects, a lack of regular meetings is a bottleneck. Yes, there are often alternatives to holding more meetings. But I can think of cases in which the number of meetings is a decent measure of productivity.

Still, some measures are better than others.

If you want to quantify your productivity, you have to pick a measurable quantity. What do you measure?


— Peter

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