What do you have to say?

Imagine it’s Monday morning, a year from today.

You wake up leisurely, without an alarm. You’ve slept in, so you’re rested. You get up and make yourself a tasty and healthy breakfast. You shower slowly, then head out to your favorite café.

Once you settle down with your coffee, you take a look at your inbox. This past weekend, 12 people bought your online courses. You made money while you were having fun with your family and with your friends.

This is very possible. All it takes is creating value for others.

What can you teach others, today, that you know, but that they don’t know yet? What are you really good at that others struggle with? How can you make someone else’s life better, right now, by telling them something they need to know?

In other words: What do you have to say?


— Peter

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