Why you should make yourself vulnerable at work

Does your resumé list the things you are not so good at? Does your LinkedIn profile include a section on your failures?

Probably not. Yet nobody is good at everything and we all need to fail to learn.

When we speak with friends or with family, many of us will readily admit that we messed up, that we missed opportunities, or that we’re going through a rough time.

But for some reason, when it comes to business, we all like to present ourselves as perfectly polished. Why?

You can bet a job interview will include a question about your weaknesses. (And you’ll probably answer by spinning a “weakness” as a strength.)

What would happen if you instead made yourself vulnerable? If you talked honestly about what you are not very good at—and equally honestly about what you really are quite good at?

Most people will feel a stronger connection to you if you make yourself vulnerable. They will see you as more authentic. They are also more likely to make themselves vulnerable towards you.

Plus, if you’re honest about who you are, what your experiences have been, what you like to do and what you hate, what you’re good at and what is best left to others—that’s just easier.


— Peter

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