Useless meetings

You know that feeling when you’re attending a meeting and it’s a giant waste of time?

I bet you do.

There are so many meetings you don’t need to be a part of. And many more meetings that shouldn’t happen at all.

Why not say: “I don’t think my attendance would add any value, so I don’t plan to join.” If you were wrong, the person who invited you will tell you.

Or during a meeting, cut your losses. Say: “I don’t think I need to be in this meeting anymore. Why don’t you continue without me?”

You have a say in whether you should attend any particular meeting.

Sure, many meetings are useful. You might be building personal relationships when you meet face-to-face. Then again, you probably don’t need a formal meeting for that.

In your lifetime, how many useless meetings would you guess that you have attended? (Define “useless” however you like.)

For me, I’d guess hundreds. Is your number higher or lower?


— Peter

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