Use the cracks in your day to create content

How do I manage to create a piece of content every single day?

And how can you create content regularly, on top of everything you’ve already got going on?

Use the cracks in your day.

Waiting for a meeting to start? Point your smartphone camera at yourself and give your audience a tip. Then upload that video to YouTube and/or Facebook and/or Instagram. Boom! It takes less than five minutes.

On the train to work? Write a short blog post and, again, share a valuable lesson with your audience. Your writing style doesn’t have to be perfect, you don’t need to be the first person who has ever said this, and you don’t need to make sure your grammar and diction are amazing. Just write it up and, again, share on social media. Or share with your email list.

See? You have “cracks” in your day. Use them to create content. Keep it low-key. Short, but valuable content.

Now, don’t stress yourself out. I’m not telling you to spend every single free moment of your day hustling. In fact, when you’re feeling stressed, don’t try to create any content. Go for a walk instead.

But when you get back from your walk, record that short video, or write that short blog post. And hit publish!


— Peter

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