Time goes by… so slowly…

When people have a mindset breakthrough, they are keen to take action.

For example: You learn that when you are starting a business, it helps to target a very specific group of people—a “niche”. Then, you spend much of your free time in the next few days thinking about which niche exactly you should target. Suddenly, picking a niche seems incredibly urgent.

Or: You realize that your life will improve in countless ways if you exercise regularly. So you binge on all the information out there about lifting weights efficiently for maximum gains. Even though you went to the gym this morning, you already want to go again. Suddenly, you seem terribly scrawny.

This is excitement, the initial stage.

What comes next? Incremental progress. And by its nature, incremental progress takes time.

See, you upgraded your mindset. Compared with a few weeks ago, you have much more knowledge now.

But your results—how many dollars your business is making, or how many kilograms you can deadlift—haven’t changed much yet. It takes time to build a business. And it takes time to build muscle.

The results lag behind your mindset upgrade; the disparity causes impatience. This happens to everyone. The question is: Can you be satisfied with small but steady gains? Can you keep at it? 

You need to.

Still, time goes by… so slowly…


— Peter

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