There are no perfect days

A perfect circle is a theoretical concept. You won’t find one in nature.

Nobody tries to create a perfect circle. If you need a circle for some reason, you make one that’s “good enough”. Beyond a certain point, it’s not worth spending more energy trying to make the circle more perfectly round.

It’s the same with perfect work days. They don’t exist. There are bad days, good days, and even really good days. But a perfect day doesn’t exist.

If you’re the sort—like me!—who plans too much, it’s really helpful to remember that perfection doesn’t exist.

For example, I’m a big fan of planning your work day or your work week. When you take a moment to prioritize, you’ll accomplish more of the important work.

But it’s pretty easy to take things too far. You can spend a lot of time tinkering with where you’ll work, on what, for how long, and with which background music. I’ve done this often—I still do it sometimes—and I’ve told myself that trying to plan a perfect work day is productive. But it isn’t. It’s just an advanced form of procrastination.

If you catch yourself spending too much time planning and organizing, and especially if you notice that that stresses you out, try shooting for 80% instead.


— Peter

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