“Then I quit”

I have a brave friend.

He wants to develop certain skills, but he can’t do that where he currently works. So he asked his boss to work three days a week, rather than five.

That way my friend would be able to spend the other two days developing the skills he wants to obtain, while continuing to work his current job, which he likes.

The answer was “no”.

He likes the company, he likes his coworkers—but he can’t grow there. Not in the direction he wants to grow. When he asked for the flexibility to do a bit of both, management wasn’t willing.

So he said, “then I quit”.

My friend and his partner have some savings, but they’re not wealthy. It’s a bit of a risk to quit his job. But he trusts his future self to make a living when he needs to.

It’s that simple.


— Peter

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