Tell your boss how you feel

Business environments can seem devoid of feelings. Check your emotions at the door!

In fact, some people view expressing your emotions as a weakness. As if, were you to tell people how you feel, they would now have a weapon to use against you.

On the contrary: expressing your emotions will help you work more easily with others. When you tell people how you feel, they can empathize with you more easily. It improves understanding, which leads to win-win agreements.

Let’s say you are a consultant and management staffs you on a months-long project. (Yes, you know who you are!)

After a few weeks, you get an inkling that this project isn’t right for you. The project is too easy for you; it doesn’t challenge you. Put simply: it bores you.

Should you hide your boredom from your manager? No!

Tell your manager that you don’t find the project very interesting. Actually, just own up to it and say it bores you. Emphasize that you mean no offense—you know that some projects are more exciting than others. It’s part of the deal. And you’re happy to finish this project. But next time, could she please staff you on a project that fits your interests better?

Owning up to your emotions displays confidence, offers your manager useful information, and feels better because you don’t have to lie. It’s a no-brainer.

Of course, be respectful and tactful when you tell people you work with how you feel. Some people might not react well at first. (Well, some people might not react well, ever—in that case, I suggest finding a better job and telling your current employer to hire some robots.)

Have you tried sharing your feelings with your coworkers or with your boss? How did it go?


— Peter

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