Technical excellence

“We strive for technical excellence”, claims the web development firm whose blog post I read this morning. They apparently use “cutting-edge technology” and “best practices”.

Who cares?

Their clients probably don’t. 

A client wants a website that looks nice, that is easy to update, and on which their customers can easily find information.

So why does the web development firm point out that they strive for technical excellence?

Because it’s something the firm’s developers care about. They feel better about their work when they write beautiful code. They feel proud when they make the back of the cabinet look as nice as the front.

In your field, what determines whether work is of high quality? What do you care about? And how is that different from what your client, or your boss, cares about?

This distinction is important. The more closely you can align what you care about and what your clients (or bosses) care about, the easier it will be to love what you do.


— Peter

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