62 things you can stop worrying about right now

Imagine how much lighter you’d feel if you stopped worrying about:

  1. Whether others approve of your behavior.
  2. What others think, at all.
  3. Whether you’ve gotten enough done so far today/this week/in your life.
  4. Whether you’re good enough.
  5. Whether you’re ready.
  6. Whether you’ll miss the bus.
  7. What’s the right decision.
  8. Whether you’ve made the right decision.
  9. Why you had to have a brain fart just then.
  10. How much longer you could put up with this.
  11. Where you’ll get new ideas from.
  12. Why you don’t have things figured out yet.
  13. Why you keep having those annoying thoughts.
  14. Why you don’t know what you want.
  15. When you’ll get what you want.
  16. The fact that you’re getting older every second.
  17. The fact that you are constantly moving closer towards the end of your life.
  18. Why you’re not as successful as you’d like to be.
  19. Whether you’re doing everything right.
  20. How you’ll manage to work your way through your huge to-do list.
  21. When your good habits will start paying off.
  22. Why you don’t feel like it.
  23. Whether you’ll ever feel like it.
  24. Whether you’ll miss it.
  25. Whether you’ll forget this.
  26. Whether you’ve earned a break yet.
  27. How many people have liked your latest Instagram/Twitter/Facebook post.
  28. Whether you’re working fast enough.
  29. Why there isn’t enough time.
  30. What would have happened if…
  31. Whether thinking more will make the decision easier.
  32. Whether you’ll have more opportunities for happiness in the future.
  33. Why your thoughts won’t stop.
  34. When you’ll finally get a better result (doing the same exact thing). 
  35. Why you can’t sleep.
  36. Why everything is so difficult today.
  37. Why it’s so hard to get others to change their minds.
  38. Why not everyone thinks x is as cool as you think it is.
  39. Whether you’ll ever get lucky.
  40. Why others are more talented or genetically gifted than you are.
  41. Whether a tree that topples in a forest makes a sound on impact when there is nobody there.
  42. Why today is such a shitty day.
  43. Whether you have what it takes to start your own business.
  44. How much your hairline will end up receding.
  45. Why you have a bald spot on your head at such a young age.
  46. Whether you should travel more.
  47. Whether you should anything, really.
  48. Why you don’t like x more.
  49. Why on Earth you’re so into x!
  50. Why others appear to be so much more successful than you.
  51. Whether others are as successful as they seem.
  52. Why things aren’t fair.
  53. How much longer you’ll have to try to achieve inner peace.
  54. Why you had to be so unlucky to have a screaming child seated next to you on the plane.
  55. Why you lack discipline.
  56. Whether you should be reading more books.
  57. What others would say if you quit your job.
  58. Why you’re having so much trouble sitting in an office all day (when others seem fine with it).
  59. Whether you’re just a whiny person for not liking your work.
  60. Whether you need more skills before you start your own business.
  61. When your bad mood will end.
  62. Whether you’re just lazy.

The truth is that you don’t have to worry about anything at all. When you are concerned about something, either let it go or think about it. But don’t worry.


— Peter

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