How to be slightly less nervous

You know the feeling. 

You’re about to get on stage, or you’re about to go on a date, or you’re about to head in for a job interview. Your palms are sweaty. Your heart is pounding. Your breath is shallow.

In short, you’re nervous! 🙂

Being nervous is good because it releases adrenaline and gets you more focused blah blah blah. Something like that, right?

Sure, a little more alertness might help sometimes. But most of the time when you’re nervous, it would be nice it you could at the very least be slightly less nervous. 

So how do you do that?

Flip the script.

Instead of wondering whether the audience will like your speech, wonder whether you will like your audience.

Instead of wondering whether the person you’re going on a date with will like you, wonder instead whether you will like them.

Instead of wondering whether the company will want to hire you, consider whether you would like to work there!

By flipping the script, you reduce the feeling that you need to perform. Instead, you develop the mindset that you are evaluating. And evaluating is usually less stressful than performing.


— Peter

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