How to feel better about your work

Would you like to feel better about your work?

Perhaps your work doesn’t inspire you, doesn’t satisfy you, and doesn’t make you happy.

You’d like to do better work. Work that you’re good at, that creates value for others, and that you enjoy—but that kind of work is difficult to find.

What if you could feel better about the work you’re already doing?

You can, but don’t try to feel happier while you’re working. Happiness is one of those slippery things—like sleep, creativity, and good conversations—that will elude you if you try too hard.

Instead, shoot for pride:

Ensure that the document you created is free of mistakes. Anticipate your boss’s questions about the data you analyzed, so you can answer them immediately. Offer a refund to the customer who isn’t satisfied with your product.

Do things like these and you’ll feel proud of your work and, by extension, of yourself.

When it comes to your work, pride is a much better goal to shoot for than happiness.


— Peter

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