Relax now

Slammed with work? Got a to-do list with dozens of items? Your boss wants you to complete this stuff in half an hour?

What if, even though you have so much going on, you could relax now?

You could do your work calmly, have time to consider things, make space in your head, and simply feel better.

The key, to borrow a phrase from meditation teachers, is to “relax into the moment”.

Can you relax right now, even if you’re slammed? Can you stop rushing immediately, even though you’ve got lots to do? Can you be calm right this moment, even if your boss is on your back?

Master this skill and you’ll feel better every day.

I know that it might seem counterintuitive. It took me forever to trust that things will be all right if I relax a bit. It was scary to stop moving, to stop doing task after task, even just for a minute. It still is scary, a lot of the time.

But once you realize that you can relax (almost) anytime—that you can feel better now—you’ll feel incredibly empowered. Suddenly, the busyness controls you just a little bit less.

You realize that busyness is a state of mind, not a state of the world.


— Peter

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