Taking pride in your work

Do you know that feeling when your boss tells you to do something quickly, at the expense of doing it well? Or not to do something that you think would be the right thing to do?

Put differently: when he and you have different standards.

I’m interested in finding out what makes people take pride in their work. Pride seems to be a sustainable emotion that consistently generates happiness.

And I think pride has a lot to do with your standards.

Maybe you can help me out by answering this: Do you take pride in your work, and why (not)?

If my hypothesis is correct, and pride is partly about meeting your standards—not someone else’s—then one obvious way to feel more pride in what you do is to be your own boss.

When you are your own boss and you want to offer “no questions asked” refunds, you can. As your own boss, if you don’t want to work with people with a certain personality type, then don’t.

But if you have that freedom, you still have to decide what standards to set. So, regardless of whether you have that freedom today, what standards would you set if you could?


— Peter

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