Is your job good on paper or in reality?

Some jobs look great on paper. If you’re a lawyer, a banker, or a consultant, perhaps your job:

  • Pays well
  • Comes with an office with a fancy view
  • Looks good on your resume
  • Puts you around lots of smart people

These can all be good things. Certainly, ceteris paribus, you’d want these things in a job. But these characteristics don’t make a job good in reality.

A job that is good in reality, and not only on paper, will:

  • Give you plenty of time off
  • Not be massively stressful
  • Have you helping others in a meaningful way
  • Make you feel proud of your work

These things determine how your job feels. And it is more important that your work feels good than that it looks good on paper.

Does your work feel good?


— Peter

P.S. Is your answer “no”? Not sure why? Not sure what to do about it? Let’s work together to figure it out. 

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