What are you not getting around to?

Do many of your days end with you wishing you had gotten around to more things? It happens to me too often. Sometimes the things I didn’t get to will be small, such as cleaning the kitchen counter

Stock section of a newspaper

Investing in stocks requires hardly any skill and you can do it too

Several years ago I learned something wonderful: investing in stocks requires almost no skill. This might sound outrageous if you watch financial programs on TV, if you hear about large pension funds that don’t have enough money

Apple on top of a pile of books

Reasons to (not) finish a book

Do you read multiple books at once? I sometimes claim that I do, but it’s not really true. It’s not literally true, of course, because my eyes can’t focus on two books simultaneously. But it’s also not

Sunrays in a forest

Your daily priorities

What’s the first thing you choose to do each day? And what are the second and the third? I don’t mean using the bathroom or brushing your teeth. I mean things you do that not

Chess pieces on a board

On planning for the future

Do you ever feel like you’re perpetually hurrying about, always wanting to be somewhere else? I do. When I’m in such a mood, I might look out the window and want to be outside, where

"Mens erger je niet"-board

Don’t take the game of life too seriously

When I tense up in the face a difficult situation, I like to remind myself not to take life too seriously. It’s easy to be frustrated by so many things nowadays. The front pages of

Dog sleeping in someone's arms

Life is so much easier when you get enough sleep

Of all the little things you can do to make life easier, my favorite one is sleeping enough. If it’s not already painfully obvious on days when you didn’t sleep well and joyously obvious on

Euro bills sticking out of a wallet

A plan to let people do what they want

The other day a group told me about their plan for a basic income. The idea of a basic income is that everyone has the right to receive that income, no strings attached, and that