What I did week 35, 2016

At a recent family barbecue, a cousin asked me “What do you do all day now that you’re not working?” I didn’t have a good answer. That bugged me, because I feel that I spend my time doing a

Keeping track of things to do

How do you keep track of what you need or want to do? Do you have a system? If you do, do you write things down or do you keep it all in your head? I

Light bulb emanating smoke

Time, energy, and money

A simple way to look at life is to imagine that you have only three resources and that you are continually trading off between them. They are time, energy, and money. It’s illuminating to ask yourself, from

Houses on a steep San Francisco street

How much do you spend on housing?

For many people, housing is their biggest expense. That’s true for me too and it was especially true when I lived in San Francisco. In the Bay Area, I spent an outrageous amount of money

Scrooge McDuck skiing down a mountain of his cash

Financial independence: the most neglected way to become happier

You might strive to make lots of friends, to meditate every day, to have a successful career, or to become extremely fit. And for good reason: those things tend to make people happy. But there is

Pencils with tips of various colors

Showing vulnerability

When I meet a new person, I like to mention that I’m color blind in the first few minutes of conversation. This vulnerability—a disability, really—is a reliable conversation booster. People jump at the chance to skip