Do you run a yoga studio and…

Do you need more new students?

Are you losing students to programs like OneFit or ClassPass?

Do you want to spend less time on marketing?

If you answered “yes” to any of those—read on.

You didn’t open a studio because you love marketing

I’m guessing you opened your studio because you want to offer amazing classes. But how much of your time do you spend making sure your classes are amazing—and how much time do you spend on marketing?

The business of yoga is competitive. To thrive, your studio must constantly attract new students. So you’re probably spending a lot of time on your studio’s marketing because you feel that you have to.

You might have tried different marketing tactics, such as Facebook ads, a monthly newsletter, or billboards around town. But your classes still aren’t full.

Perhaps you’ve spoken with a marketing agency, and they pushed you to try aggressive marketing techniques that you don’t feel comfortable with.

There’s a better way.

Imagine your marketing being on autopilot

Picture your studio bringing in a flood of new clients each month. Picture your classes so full that you have to set up an extra changing room. And picture your workshops and retreats selling out in days.

Now imagine achieving all this while offering a delightful experience to your students. Imagine your students thanking you for having helped them build a regular yoga practice.

Oh, and picture yourself relaxing on evenings and weekends, because your marketing is on autopilot. 🧘🏼‍♀️

Hi, I’m Peter. I help yoga studios get a reliable flow of new students using automated email marketing

Peter headshot

I can hear you thinking: email marketing?!

Isn’t that outdated? Shouldn’t I be running ads on Facebook or Instagram?

Email marketing is—still—one of the most efficient marketing channels out there. In fact, a recent study showed that for $1 you spend, email marketing makes you $38!

That’s if you do it right, though. Sending a monthly newsletter isn’t good enough.

If it were trivial to set up good email marketing, you would have done so already. But it isn’t. Getting email marketing right takes time and effort. Time and effort that you could spend on creating an awesome community around your studio.

If you work with me, I’ll take care of your email marketing for you. Think about what you could do with the extra time!

What I can do for you

When we work together, we’ll talk goals first. What do you want to achieve? It could be one of the following:

  • Get more new students through the door
  • Retain your existing students
  • Get your existing students to take classes more frequently
  • Upsell workshops, retreats, and teacher trainings to your students

Then we’ll take a look at your current marketing strategy. How does automated email marketing fit in? What email marketing are you currently doing?

  • Are you sending the must-send automated emails?
  • Do you include the right “calls to action” in your emails?
  • Does your website encourage people to leave their email address?
  • Does your email marketing communicate what makes your studio different?
  • Are you collecting the data you’ll need to determine whether your marketing is working?

If you don’t get these basics right, you’re leaving so 👏🏻 much 👏🏻 money 👏🏻 on the table.

How it works

Once we’ve established how your studio can do better, there’s a few options:

  • I can set up automated email marketing for you as a one-time project.
  • You can fully hand your email marketing off to me and I will take care of it on an ongoing basis.
  • I can tell you exactly what you need to do, and you can implement it yourself.

So if you want to…

  • Attract more new students
  • Make more sales to your existing students
  • Spend less time on marketing

Let’s work together.

Let’s get started

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Risk-free guarantee

I’ll quote you a fixed fee in advance and I won’t stop working until you’re 100% satisfied that we’ve completed the objectives of our project.

I really enjoy working with Peter. He is very organised, always on time and has amazing insights to offer. … His pragmatic and down to earth attitude guided me along projects that have been placed on hold for a long period of time. He made me see a clear path among the chaotic thoughts of mine.

— Christina Henke, Owner, 36grad Yoga

Christina Henke of 36grad Yoga sitting in a meadow

Is this right for me?

You can get a ton of value from working with me if one or more of these apply:

  • You’ve invested in a beautiful space, but now you need to get people through the door
  • Your classes are full, but you want to sell workshops, retreats, or teacher training now
  • Your studio is successful, but you want to spend less time on marketing

But you should probably start elsewhere if:

  • Your studio is small and you’re working on getting your first students
  • Your studio is struggling financially
  • You keep track of memberships and attendance by hand

If you fall into the second category, shoot me an email, and I’ll suggest where you might start instead.

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