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3 things you should do before you take a mini-retirement

Are you considering taking an extended break from work? One that will last three months or more? It could be to travel, to figure out your life’s purpose, to de-stress—or perhaps you want to start


How much less do you earn on Fridays?

One of the best ways to free up time and energy to achieve your personal goals is simply to work less. I know, I know, Captain Obvious and all that, but hear me out. If

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How to respond when you don’t follow through on a habit: three simple steps

How should we respond if we intend to do something daily, and we miss a day? Consistently executing on healthy habits is a crucial part of an effective lifestyle strategy. But with any habit, we’ll

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Win the day with a successful morning routine

What you do soon after you wake up has big consequences for the rest of your day. Have you deliberately designed a morning routine, or do you just do what you feel like until you

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How to solve (almost) any problem: pay the price

Today I want to share an amazing technique for dealing with problems. It’s called paying the price. If something’s bothering you, if you’re experiencing discomfort, this technique can help you get rid of it. It

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The mini-retirement: a safe way to try a different lifestyle

Variety is the spice of life, they say. But when it comes to scheduling work and play, the vast majority of people run on the same schedule. Between your twenties and your sixties, you work