One-on-one consulting

I offer one-on-one productivity consultations.

You can book a general consultation, in which we will address your most pressing productivity challenge.

Or, you can book a session specifically for us to go over your OmniFocus or Things 3 setup. (OmniFocus and Things 3 are the two apps that I teach workflows around in my video courses.)

Here are some things I’ve worked on with past clients:

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We’ll meet using Zoom, which allows us to video chat. You can also share your screen. When you book your session, you’ll immediately receive the meeting link.

Prior to our session, you’ll fill out a questionnaire, so that I am clear on what your goals are and what your situation is. That means that during the session, we can get to your pain points right away.

After our session, you get email support for a week. So when you are implementing what we discussed, you can pick my brain.

I offer a 100% money-back guarantee on your first session. If you’re not happy, just let me know within 24 hours after your first session and I’ll refund the full amount you paid.

Specific help with OmniFocus or Things 3

If you book a session specifically for help with OmniFocus or Things 3, you will also get access to either my OmniFocus or my Things 3 video course. If you choose this option, consider completing my course before our session. Note that I will manually enroll you in the course of your liking; please give me a day or two to get you set up.

What one client said

I came away with much more clarity as to how to organise my short and medium term projects and with a set of tools to achieve this end.”

— Paul Sednaoui
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Praise for my video courses

“Managing 500 employees and a $40 million budget means I have a lot of projects and tasks. Thanks to Peter's course I’m starting the week super-charged with my schedule and tasks lined up.”

— Paul Christy
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”I have been a GTD/Omnifocus friend for almost 2 years now – but needed a better way to control Omnifocus as my setup wasn’t working like I wanted it to. Peter's course was perfect for what I was looking to do! I was letting all the due dates sit and wasn’t sure what to focus on NEXT.”

— Robin Melancon
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“I have been using OmniFocus for years and I already knew a lot of things, but Peter's approach helped me rely on OmniFocus more than ever before. This freed me up to focus on the important tasks each day instead of guessing what to work on.”

— Joel Clermont
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