1:1 help with OmniFocus

You’ve fallen off the OmniFocus wagon.

You’ve read a lot about OmniFocus tactics, but nothing has stuck. You have an overwhelming number of tasks in OmniFocus, so you don’t even want to look at them. Or, you barely have any tasks and projects listed because you can’t decide how to organize them.

You have trouble integrating OmniFocus into your existing workflow. Perhaps you resort to pen and paper. Maybe you use your email inbox as a to-do list. And you have dozens of overdue tasks.

And those tasks that are important-but-not-urgent? You don’t get to those very often.

Part of the OmniFocus app, showing 129 tasks due soon.
This is not what you want.

Now, imagine having all of your tasks and projects clearly organized in OmniFocus. Imagine knowing exactly where a task or project should go, because you have a clear system. Picture yourself making progress, day after day, on your most important tasks. And picture yourself meeting all your deadlines, too.

Imagine knowing exactly what to work on next, trusting that you’ve got all of your projects under control.

How can we make that happen? By working together, one-on-one, in intensive sessions designed to set you up for sustained success.

How it works

We meet on a video conferencing platform. Each session lasts 90 minutes.

First session (90 minutes)

Prior to our first session you’ll fill out a questionnaire, so that I am clear on what your goals are and what your situation is. That means that during the first session, we can get to your pain points right away.

The first session lasts around 90 minutes. That gives us enough time to analyze what changes you’ll want to make and to start implementing those changes.

Depending on your needs, we may create a plan verbally, and/or we may adjust your OmniFocus directly using screen sharing. (For example, we may review your projects together.)

Second, follow-up session (90 minutes) and further sessions

I recommend that you book at least two 90-minute sessions.

In the second session, we will review your progress. Are the changes we made in the first session working for you? If need be, we’ll make further changes. The second session is also a chance to address new problems that came up after our first session.

You’ll get the best results by planning our second session two weeks to two months after our first session.

And if you’d like, we can plan more than two sessions, so I can support you and hold you accountable for longer.

How we’ll meet

We’ll meet on Zoom, which allows us to video chat as well as share screens. Immediately after you book your session, you’ll receive the link to and login information for our Zoom video conference.

I’ll record our call and send you the recording so that you can refer back to it.

Book your session now

(Don’t see the scheduler above? Visit the standalone scheduler.)

I offer a 100% money-back guarantee on your first session. If you’re not happy, just let me know within 24 hours after your first session and I’ll refund the full amount you paid.

Praise for my OmniFocus video course

Managing 500 employees and a $40 million budget means I have a lot of projects and tasks. Thanks to Peter’s course I’m starting the week super-charged with my schedule and tasks lined up.


Paul Christy

Acting Executive Director, Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Peter’s course was perfect for what I was looking to do! I was letting all the due dates sit and wasn’t sure what to focus on NEXT. Having a refresher was what I needed!


Robin Melancon

Director, Associate Digital Solutions

I have been using Omnifocus for years and I already knew a lot of things (like keyboard shortcuts, etc), but Peter’s approach helped me rely on it more than ever before. This freed me up to focus on the important tasks each day instead of guessing what to work on.


Joel Clermont

Founder, No Compromises

Why work with me?

Peter sitting on the windowsill of his apartment, holding a Podia mug and wearing a ConvertKit t-shirt.

In case we haven’t met yet: hi, I’m Peter Akkies!

I’ve been teaching OmniFocus for years, working with people one-on-one as well as through my OmniFocus 3 video course.

I’ve been featured on the official OmniFocus website and on other websites that cover productivity technology, such as The Sweet Setup.

(See: The Nine-Step Weekly Review I Use to Beat Overwhelm and Find Focus on Inside OmniFocus and Plan Your Workday with OmniFocus 3 and the Complete Calendar Method on The Sweet Setup.)

When we work together, I won’t teach you a cookie-cutter OmniFocus setup. Instead, we’ll analyze what’s working for you right now, what isn’t, and what your goals are. We’ll take into account your unique circumstances and your unique needs, so that you can get back on track and make progress on what’s most important and meaningful to you.

Don’t postpone this any longer

You know how they say that the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago—but the second-best time is today?

The same goes for getting your projects under control and improving your productivity. The best time to do that was years ago, but the second-best time is today.