Didn’t get enough done?

If you set high standards for yourself, you might encounter a nagging feeling some evenings. It’s the feeling that you did not accomplish enough on this particular day.

This feeling can express itself as sadness: I wish I could have done more.

Or perhaps as guilt: I could have given more effort today, but instead I slacked off.

Or as fear: if I do “this little” every day, I’ll never reach my goals!

Or even as anger: why didn’t I do what I wanted to do, again? I am a failure!

When you feel this way—like you should have done more—the first thing to remember is that some days you just got nothing. Better days will come your way soon.

But if you feel this way frequently, here’s something to try. I’ve found it super effective in reducing feelings of “not having accomplished enough today”.

Every morning, do something that makes you feel proud.

Make it a small thing. It can take you as little as five minutes, such as making your bed and shining the sink. Or it could be a little more involved, such as writing daily. (This works! I speak from experience. 😉)

This is not my idea, and it is not a new idea, but it works.

Just make sure you do it every day, so that in the evening you can always tell yourself: at least I did this valuable thing today, and I am proud of that.

A word of caution, though: advice dispensed over the Internet may or may not apply to you.

If you are already super stressed, if you work ten hours per day, if you are sleep deprived—don’t add something else to do every day. Instead, cut stuff out. Take more breaks. Rest.

But if you spend a lot of time procrastinating and feeling bad about yourself, then try doing a little something that makes you feel proud every morning, and watch that “not enough” feeling lose some strength.  


— Peter

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