Noticing non-existent problems

Pay attention to how often you try to solve problems that don’t exist yet.

You’ll notice that you spend tons of time and energy addressing problems that have yet to materialize:

  • How you’ll make it to work on time if you miss the train
  • What you’ll say to your partner if they bring up that topic
  • Whether you’d go to Mark’s or Jen’s birthday if they schedule them for the same day
  • What excuse you’ll give your boss for why you haven’t finished the work yet if he asks you
  • What the minimum amount of time is you “should” stay at that event if it turns out to be boring

The more you notice that you’re solving problems that don’t exist yet—or, more likely, that will never exist!—the less energy you’ll spend on “solving” them. And the less you’ll worry.


— Peter

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